Cape Ann
Jan 2, 2021 8:30 AM – 12.15 PM
Checklist Comments:    BBC Bird Walk, Cape Ann.
Fisherman’s Monument, Gloucester; Rocky Neck; Niles Pond & Brace Cove; Bass Rocks; Eastern Pt; Granite Pier; Cathedral Ledge; Andrews Pt
John Nelson Susan Hedman  leaders with 3 participants conditions: rainy raw and low visibility fog/mist. Increasing wind made it difficult
27 species

Canada Goose  8

Mallard  18

Gadwall  8. Eastern Pt

Common Eider  195

Harlequin Duck  70  Granite Pier  (25), Cathedral Ledge (15), Andrews Pt (30)

Surf Scoter  8

White-winged Scoter  28

Long-tailed Duck  8.   Bass Rocks, Eastern Point, Andrews Pt

Black Scoter  25    Andrews Pt

Bufflehead  33

Common Goldeneye  2

Red-breasted Merganser  23

Common Loon  5

Purple Sandpiper  50    Bass Rocks. Flock of sandpipers flew and resettled on the rocks

Great Blue Heron  1

Herring Gull  X

Ring-billed Gull  X

Great Black-backed Gull  X

Razorbill  1    Rocky Neck. Amazingly close to shore by the public parking lot.

Great Cormorant  1.   Granite Pier

Mourning Dove  2

American Crow  22

Blue Jay  2

Black-capped Chickadee  2

Carolina Wren  1.  Eastern Point

Song Sparrow  6

Northern Cardinal  2