Get Involved

Peeps on parade. Photo by Tom Graham.

  • Lead a bird walk.
  • Take a friend birding.
  • Learn about and plant native trees, shrubs and flowers to attract pollinators and birds.
  • Hang – and keep clean – a bird feeder.
  • Do not use pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides; do leave insects for insect-eating birds and wildlife.
  • With permission of course, take young people birding.
  • Join the BBC and enjoy member benefits which include having access to recorded webinars and workshops that engage and educate.
  • Renew your membership each year.
  • Give a membership to someone.
  • Attend a BBC meeting.

Donate binoculars to organizations like:

Join a committee so that what we offer will reflect the needs of our members. Contact the appropriate board member for more information.