Pelagic Trips

White-faced Storm Petrel (Luke Seitz)


White-tailed Tropicbird (Jeff Offermann)

The coastal waters of Massachusetts host an incredible variety of pelagic species. The BBC leads pelagic trips to find the rare and unusual species that visit these waters. In the winter there are alcids (Dovekie, Razorbill, both Murres, Guillemots). In the summer and fall there are chances for rarities such as Tropicbirds, Black-capped Petrels, and both species of Skua. Massachusetts is arguably the best place in North America to see the rare White-faced Storm-petrel. For historical reports, see here.

Our boat from Hyannis, the Helen H, is a very comfortable, fast, 100-foot fishing boat with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic captain and crew. We use gallons of chum to attract the birds. There are 34 bunks aboard for overnight trips. There is a full galley with excellent food at reasonable prices. Parking is free. On Gloucester trips, we take the Privateer, a very comfortable whale watching boat captained by a very knowledgeable Jay Frontierro. The galley has light snacks, pastries, coffee and cocoa. Parking is free.

  • The Helen H, a 100 foot aluminum deep sea fishing boat power