Conservation Resources

The many pleasures of birding all require birds. Many species are declining, threatened,or endangered. The Brookline Bird Club encourages a commitment to bird conservation and participation in activities and organizations that promote conservation through collection of data, monitoring of populations, preservation of habitat, protection of at-risk species, political action, and education.

COMMUNITY SCIENCE: Bird Censuses, Monitoring, Banding, Research

Massachusetts Audubon Society

  • Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2: five-year census of breeding birds in state
  • Birds to Watch: Oriole Project & Whip-poor-will Project
  • Focus on Feeders
  • Joppa Flats Bird Banding Station

National Audubon Society

  • annual Christmas Bird Counts

North American Breeding Bird Survey (co-sponsored by Patuxent Wildlife Research Center & Canadian Wildlife Services)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: