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Conservation Advocacy and Initiatives

The BBC is engaged in ongoing conservation advocacy on its own initiative and in alliance with the other eighteen member clubs of the Association of Massachusetts Bird Clubs. In June 2019 the BBC supported a Citizens Climate Lobby campaign to pass a state bill intended to reduce carbon emissions. In July we joined the Association [...]

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Habitat Gardening for Birds with Master Gardener Catherine Carney-Feldman

Sunday, August 25, 10 a.m.–12 p.m. Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield All species on our planet need habitat—a place to call home. Habitats provide shelter from the weather and predators, a place to raise young, water, and of course food. With over 2,000 acres, the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place to see [...]

Habitat Gardening for Birds with Master Gardener Catherine Carney-Feldman2019-08-09T10:22:49-04:00

Upcoming: Extreme Pelagic Trip Aboard the Helen H.

Saturday–Sunday, September 21–22 6:00 a.m. Saturday–6:00 p.m. Sunday From Hyannis to Hydrographer Canyon area with expert guides. Birds expected: White-Faced Storm Petrels, several species of shearwaters, jaegers, gannets, gulls, terns, and several species of marine mammals. We also hope to see skuas, Bridled Tern, and other rarities. Anything is possible. Limit: 50 participants. Cost: BBC [...]

Upcoming: Extreme Pelagic Trip Aboard the Helen H.2019-08-07T08:09:20-04:00


The BBC is again selling the Federal Migratory Bird Conservation and Hunting Stamp.  We are doing this in support of the National Wildlife Refuge System and to support conservation of federal lands. Ninety-eight cents of every Stamp dollar goes to land acquisition from willing sellers through purchase or easements. The new Stamp is good from July [...]

2019-20 FEDERAL DUCK STAMPS ON SALE NOW!2019-08-13T07:04:53-04:00

Upcoming Workshop: Shorebirds with Wayne Petersen

Wednesday, July 31, 6:30–8:45 p.m. in Woburn, MA Limited to 100 participants With their diverse adaptations, varied habitats, marvelous migrations, and often confusing plumages, shorebirds are a perennial favorite among birders in New England. More than two dozen shorebird species visit our coastal beaches, salt marshes, and muddy lake shores during autumn migration each year. [...]

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Noah Strycker: Birding Without Borders and his World Big Year

200 enthusiastic birders attended Noah Strycker's talk at our April 11th annual general meeting at Harvard University's Geological Lecture Hall in Cambridge. Following refreshments, membership sign-ups and renewals, and palpable energy building as our northeast bird migration season approaches, audience members were regaled with Noah's engaging slides that accompanied his strange-but-true, often hilarious and always [...]

Noah Strycker: Birding Without Borders and his World Big Year2019-06-25T08:31:08-04:00

Citizen Science Opportunities – Your Efforts Make a Difference

Spring offers some excellent opportunities for BBC members to get involved in citizen science projects. This spring, as in past years, the BBC is offering a "conservation series" of field trips that target species on the state endangered species list. Reports of these species in breeding season provide data that aids Mass Fish and Wildlife [...]

Citizen Science Opportunities – Your Efforts Make a Difference2019-04-18T19:51:41-04:00


The BBC is pleased and proud to announce that our two annual Young Birder Scholarships have been awarded to Sam Poleretzky of North Andover, MA and Brynlee Kimball of Auburn, NH. These scholarships, instituted to nurture interest in bird study and conservation among young birders, will cover the full cost ($1395) of the Coastal [...]

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CONSERVATION ADVOCACY The BBC Board has adopted the following policy regarding advocacy on behalf of bird conservation. The BBC is committed to conservation of birds and their habitats, and we encourage our members to engage in active, ongoing advocacy on behalf of bird conservation. The club’s conservation mission includes advocacy in response to proposed [...]


Annual Winter Meeting a Success!

BBC members enjoyed a wonderful member's night celebration! Ten folks shared some wonderful photographs and video from around the world with the audience. In addition, several members read poems or short shorts they had written. The evening concluded with Norm Smith's presentation about the work he has been doing for more than 38 years on [...]

Annual Winter Meeting a Success!2019-02-10T14:40:17-04:00