General Rules for Birding in Cemeteries

When birding in cemeteries, members should be respectful of the cemetery and its visitors.

  • Move away from areas where memorial and funeral services are being held and give grieving visitors space and privacy.

  • Follow all cemetery rules and regulations, particularly those concerning hours and parking.
  • Avoid touching monuments and do not use them for tables or backrests.

  • Do not bring food or drink with you. Picnicking is not permitted in most cemeteries, including Mount Auburn Cemetery.
  • Avoid gathering in large noisy groups.
  • Stay on paths to avoid trampling plantings.
  • Follow all parking rules. At Mount Auburn Cemetery this means parking entirely on the pavement; no wheels on the grass and only on roads without green lines. Do not park in the areas designated for funeral business only, such as the visitor lot at Mount Auburn.