BBC Birding Code of Ethics

Adapted from the American Birding Association

The Brookline Bird Club asks that its members practice and promote respectful, enjoyable, and thoughtful birding as defined in this code.

Members should act in ways that promote a positive image of bird watching and the club…

  • Act as an ambassador of the BBC and the birding community.
  • Be an exemplary ethical role model by following this Code and leading by example.
  • Share bird observations, as long as such reporting does not put birds or habitat at risk.
  • Never enter private property without the landowner’s permission. Respect the interests of and interact positively with people living in the area where you are birding.
  • Be respectful and follow BBC guidelines when birding in cemeteries
  • Respect rules and protocol of public lands.
  • Use courtesy in the use of cell phones and refrain from loud conversation which might disrupt the birding experience of others or and may be an annoyance for other visitors or neighbors.
  • Always report with honesty and integrity.

Members should act in ways that do not endanger the welfare of birds and that do not harm the natural environment and wildlife…

  • Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger. Be particularly cautious around active nests and nesting colonies, roosts, display sites, and feeding sites.
  • Limit the use of recordings and other audio methods of attracting birds, particularly in heavily birded areas, for species that are rare in the area, and for species that are threatened or endangered.
  • Always exercise caution and restraint when photographing, recording, or otherwise approaching birds. Keep an appropriate distance from birds and nests.
  • Stay on trails and minimize habitat disturbance.

Members should act in ways that are respectful and considerate of others…

  • Respect fellow birders regardless of skill level.
  • Be considerate of people participating in other outdoor activities.
  • Respect and welcome other birders regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender or gender i