Please join us at our 2021 Virtual Winter Meeting

AUDUBON CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT: From 19th Century Conservation Action to 21st Century Community Science

What is the Audubon Christmas Bird Count? How and why did it begin, and how has it changed over its 120-year history? The CBC, like the Breeding Bird Survey, is one of the longest-running examples of Community (Citizen) Science. Learn how ornithologists and conservation biologists use CBC data to better understand how birds of the Americas are faring.

Geoff LeBaron has been the Christmas Bird Count Director for the National Audubon Society since 1987. He also works on other Community Science and field work projects, including Climate Watch, Hummingbirds at Home, and the Great Backyard Bird Count. He has been ornithological advisor for numerous organizations, and a guide for domestic and international bird and nature tours.

NOTE: This event requires all participants to register, and attendance is limited.