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BBC Trip to the Parker River NWR Banding Station

Dave Williams led a group of BBC members to the Joppa Flats banding station located on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on September 23, 2017.  It was a beautiful morning for the visit and [...]

A Wonderful Shout Out to the BBC!

During the September 2nd broadcast of Weekend Saturday Edition on NPR hosted by Scott Simon, he interviewed Ray Brown of Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds radio fame.  During the interview about Urban Birding, when asked, "What [...]

It’s Early July, Fledgling Birders Are Calling and the BBC Responds!

Referred by BBC fellow Board member Diana Fruguglietti, Leslie Kramer (whose day job is middle school teacher) met and worked in early July with two Woburn Girl Scouts and their troop leader on the Scouts' multi-faceted Silver [...]

The Shorebirds Are Coming, The Shorebirds Are Coming!

Starting in mid-July, more than 30 species of Shorebirds will pass through Massachusetts on their southern migration to their wintering grounds. Shorebirds will stop along our open beaches, mudflats, exposed gravel bars, and yes, even [...]


Did you know that you can provide high-quality foods for birds in your area by planting the right native plants? Forty-seven people attended the BBC "Gardening For Wildlife" workshop on June 15th at the Stoneham [...]


The BBC is again selling the Federal Migratory Bird Conservation and Hunting Stamp.  We are doing this in support of the National Wildlife Refuge System and to support conservation of federal lands.  Ninety-eight cents of [...]