BBC Day at Museum of Modern Bird Art

BBC members are invited to attend a free special viewing of the summer exhibit Painting Birds to Save Them: The Critical Role of Art in the Bird Conservation Movement at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 31, at the Museum of Modern Bird Art at 963 Washington St. in Canton. The BBC is one of the sponsors of the exhibit, which uses the work of artists from John James Audubon to David Sibley to trace the history of bird conservation. Members of the South Shore Bird Club, another sponsor, have also been invited to this viewing. The museum property includes a woodland trail that is open to the public.

Book Fund Makes 2 Donations

The BBC, through the book fund program of the club’s Conservation and Education Committee, has recently purchased and donated books about birds and nature to Kestrel Educational Adventures on Cape Ann and the Murkland Elementary School in Lowell. The book fund, which comes from member donations, was established to promote bird and nature education for K-12 students. Kestrel Educational Adventures, annually serving over a thousand K-12 students in Essex County, provides students with “child-centered, inquiry-based explorations of the wild places in their own towns,” including an Osprey program in conjunction with the Essex County Greenbelt Association. Students at the Murkland School visit the Assabet River NWR as part of the Urban Education program, designed to “bring awareness and knowledge of the natural world to children who do not have access to a protected natural environment.” Among other activities, students study mist-nested birds, birds’ nests, and the behavior of Great Blue Herons. Education is a vital part of the club’s mission, and the BBC is proud to support the fine educational work of Kestrel Educational Adventures and the Urban Education program. Thanks to all club members who have contributed to the book fund.

Call For Photos

Did you take some photos on a recent BBC trip? The webmaster would love some photos of birds and especially birders in the field to add to the trip reports. Send in your best!

BBC Birders

Thanks to Carol Thrope for this image from Great Meadows.