Winter Birding on Cape Ann

seen above: Stage Fort Park by Fitzhenry Lane Dovekie at Gloucester Harbor by Phil Brown About once a week, from November into March, the BBC offers field trips to Gloucester and/or Rockport on Cape Ann, one of the Northeast’s prime destinations for winter birding. The main attractions are seabirds: waterfowl, alcids, and gulls. On [...]

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Support Rare and Endangered Species in Massachusetts!

MassWildlife’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is responsible for the conservation and protection of wildlife species that are not considered game species and the natural communities that make up their habitats. The focus of the Program is on conservation and restoration of the 427 native plants and animals listed under the Massachusetts Endangered Species [...]

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Many of you are familiar with Northeastern University’s proposed expansion at East Point Nahant. It involves the construction of a 60,000 sq.ft. three story building and a parking lot. This expansion is located adjacent to Lodge Park and in a vegetated valley and hill that hosts resident and migratory birds and is a [...]


Great Meadows – 7/9/16

Great Meadows NWR--Concord Unit, Middlesex, Massachusetts, US Jul 9, 2016 5:53 AM - 9:08 AM Protocol: Traveling 2.85 mile(s) Comments:     BBC breeding bird conservation trip 43 species (+2 other taxa) Canada Goose  30 Wood Duck  7 Mallard  2 Great Blue Heron  7 Killdeer  2 shorebird sp.  1     in flight Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)  [...]

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