To BBC Members, Trip Leaders and the Birding Community:

As with many of you, we note with concern the rapidly increasing number of COVID infections in Massachusetts and throughout the country.  Unlike last winter and spring, we now know more about which public health measures allow us to engage safely in some measure of outdoor activities.  With this in mind, we ask all field trip attendees and leaders to follow these common-sense guidelines:

  • We support the right of anyone who wishes to do so to wear a mask.  While we do not require attendees to wear a mask at this time, we expect everyone who attends a trip to respect the choice of those who do.*
  • Carpooling and sharing optics are not advisable outside of family groups or friend pods.
  • Birding outdoors in the winter often comes with a lot of wind that may cut down on exposure to the virus.  Nonetheless, we ask that people continue to practice social distancing insofar as practical.
  • If you’re sick or experiencing any symptoms that indicate you might be sick, STAY HOME. 
  • If you are a leader uncomfortable with leading a trip presently, please try to find an alternative leader, or plan to cancel the trip.  Cancellations for this reason should come with at least 48 hours notice, if possible.  Our field trip coordinator can help with finding an alternate leader if asked.  Email Cliff Cook at for assistance to let him know about a cancellation.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the website or in the Blue Book, pre-registration is not required to attend a BBC trip.

* Note that we acknowledge and follow the policies of individual walk locations and co-sponsoring organizations, which may require masking outdoors or in indoor spaces such as restrooms. Keep in mind that these policies may change, so leaders and participants are expected to carry a mask on a BBC trip.

We hope to see you out birding soon.  Stay safe and warm!

The Brookline Bird Club

(Photo credit: Snowy Owl by Jared Keyes)