We are pleased to announce a BBC conservation donation of $250 to support the Piping Plover Ambassadors, a group of volunteers who, since 2017, have been dedicated to protecting the Piping Plovers nesting at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. We sent the following message with our donation: “The Brookline Bird Club, the largest and most active bird club in Massachusetts, is pleased to donate money to support the Piping Plover Ambassadors in their volunteer efforts to protect the Piping Plovers at Good Harbor Beach, to educate the public about this wonderful and endangered shorebird, and to help many people in Gloucester and beyond to experience the delight of watching these birds and following their story as they breed and raise their young on the beach. On behalf of the birding community and plover lovers everywhere, we thank you.” Ambassador Kim Smith expressed gratitude for the donation on behalf of all the Ambassadors. “To be recognized by the BBC,” she wrote on her Kim Smith Designs website and Facebook page, “is truly an honor.”