By Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician

During 2008, the Brookline Bird Club listed 306 species of birds on 190 reported trips, three species less than last year. A total of 249 trips were scheduled, 4 trips more than last year, but 41 trips less than the all time high number of 290 in 2000. There were 70 all-day, 152 mornings, 25 afternoons or evening, and two weekend trips. FIFTY-NINE trips were not reported, 20 were cancelled by weather and   THIRTY-NINE went unreported. In Massachusetts the Club listed a total of 296 species, two less than last year on 186 reported trips. To put this in perspective, birders throughout the state recorded a total of 364 species during the year, thus the BBC total of 296 is 81% of all the species seen in 2008!

Three new species were added to the overall Brookline Bird Club list of birds. The Club recorded SLATY-BACKED G