By Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician


During 2007, the Brookline Bird Club listed 309 species of birds on 213 reported trips, one species more than last year. A total of 245 trips were scheduled, 11 trips less than last year and 45 trips less than the all time high number of 290 in 2000. There were 66 all-day, 145 mornings, 27 afternoons or evening, six pelagic, and two weekend trips. Thirty-three trips were not reported, 12 were cancelled by weather and 21 went unreported. In Massachusetts the Club reported a total of 298 species, three less than last year on 206 trips. To put this in perspective, birders throughout the state recorded a total of 377 species during the year, thus the BBC total of 298 is 79% of all the species seen in 2007!


Two new species were added to the overall Brookline Bird Club list of birds. The Club recorded Little or Macaronesian Shearwater on the Hydrographer Canyon trip August 25. This species recently “split” off from several other small “black and white” shearwaters. According to Rick Heil most European ornithogists have accepted that these forms are distinct though the American Ornithogist Union (AOU) has not yet voted to accept the DNA research. A special trip to Newport Rhode Island and nearby areas on February 3 netted great looks at TWO Pink footed Geese on the grounds of the Newport Country Club as well as the only report of Cackling Goose in 2007.


For the birder the weather in 2007was a mixed bag.  January was unusually mild at the start of the month and ended very cold but the good part was there was just a little snow. February was sunny and dry but very cold, snow came from one storm on Valentine’s Day. March began with a Lion-Lamb truce but was