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Join us to observe resident birds in a unique urban habitat that is a favorite stomping ground for many bird species. A BNC naturalist will help us find and identify birds through field marks, sounds, and behaviors. Birders of all levels will enjoy these guided walks; beginning birders are encouraged to come! Target birds include Blue & Black-Crowned Night Herons; Bobolink; Merlin; Orchard Oriole; Pileated Woodpecker; Red-Shouldered Hawk; Rose-Breasted Grosbeak; Sora; Scarlet Tanager; Snowy Egret; Swamp Sparrow; Ruby-Throated Hummingbird; Tree, Rough-Winged, & Barn Swallows; Virginia Rail; or Yellow-Throated Vireo. Bring water, hats/sunblock and insect repellant (or apply at home beforehand). Email bnc@massaudubon.org for more information.

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BBC field trips are open to all participants. Unless otherwise stated, all trips are free to attend and do not need preregistration. You do not need to be a club member to attend, though we hope you will join. See the Field Trip FAQ for answers to general questions. Contact leaders for more details about specific trips.

We follow all policies of field trip location property owners and co-sponsoring organizations. These may include ongoing public health measures. Some participants may choose to wear a face mask for health purposes. We support their right to do so.

We hope to see you out birding soon!

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