Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, 100-132 Prospect Hill Road, Worcester, Massachusetts, US

May 18, 2024 6:55 AM – 9:55 AM

Protocol: Traveling

2.1 mile(s)

Checklist Comments:    Sandy and Rita co-led this walk for the Boxborough Birders and the Brookline Bird Club.  Cloudy, mid 50sF, last 15″ rainy.  Despite best efforts, the only F-O was the great blue heron.  No vultures, no hawks.

53 species (+1 other taxa)

Wild Turkey  1    Heard clearly by a few of us twice coming from upper campus behind the office area and old meadow.

Mourning Dove  2

Chimney Swift  3    Abutting new meadow.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird  1

Great Blue Heron  1    F-O

Red-bellied Woodpecker  4

Hairy Woodpecker  1

Northern Flicker  1

Eastern Wood-Pewee  1

Eastern Phoebe  1

Great Crested Flycatcher  3

Eastern Kingbird  1

Red-eyed Vireo  5

Blue Jay  5

Fish Crow  1

Black-capped Chickadee  3

Tufted Titmouse  1

Tree Swallow  4    New Meadow

White-breasted Nuthatch  1

House Wren  3

Carolina Wren  1

European Starling  10    2 F-O carrying food or nesting material.

Gray Catbird  7

Northern Mockingbird  2

Eastern Bluebird  2

Veery  1

Swainson’s Thrush  1    Excellent sighting in the woods.

Wood Thrush  4    Distributed across campus in the wooded area from New Meadow to Alcott House.

American Robin  12

House Sparrow  2

House Finch  2

American Goldfinch  7

Chipping Sparrow  4

Savannah Sparrow  1    Clearly heard singing at meadow abutting parking area.

Song Sparrow  7    Conservative count

Eastern Towhee  3    Excellent sighting of one at New Meadow.

Bobolink  5    Heard at all meadows with excellent sighting of a male at meadow abutting main parking area.

Baltimore Oriole  6    1 female carrying nesting material.  Distributed across entire campus.

Red-winged Blackbird  3    3 males seen at New Meadow.  Probably a conservative count.

Brown-headed Cowbird  6

Common Grackle  6

blackbird sp.  X    Some F-Os.

Ovenbird  7

Blue-winged Warbler  3

Black-and-white Warbler  3

Common Yellowthroat  8

American Redstart  2

Yellow Warbler  1

Chestnut-sided Warbler  7    Well distributed across the campus.

Pine Warbler  2

Scarlet Tanager  2    2 males in pursuit in woods.

Northern Cardinal  2

Rose-breasted Grosbeak  3

Indigo Bunting  6    Distinct pairs seen across entire campus.  Excellent sightings of 4 males.

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