Cold Spring Park, Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, US

Jun 23, 2024 7:44 AM – 9:29 AM

Protocol: Traveling

2.44 mile(s)

Checklist Comments:    Overcast, 70 degrees, rain from 8 to 8:45, with light rain after. A Galbatross – Brookline Bird Club walk, focusing on observing female birds and behaviors. Song fragments and chips heard high in trees, but birds were not located.

18 species

Mallard  7    3 females, one with chicks swimming.

Mourning Dove  1

Chimney Swift  2

Red-bellied Woodpecker  2    Vocalizing- chirping.

Downy Woodpecker  1    Female

Northern Flicker  1    Female

American Kestrel  1    In flight over the ball field near the dog park

Blue Jay  10

Tufted Titmouse  4

Carolina Wren  6

European Starling  20

Gray Catbird  15

American Robin  18    Males and females

American Goldfinch  4    Singing high in trees

Song Sparrow  5    Vocalizing, one very downy chick perched on a branch near an adult

Red-winged Blackbird  8    Males observed, vocalizing, perching and landing in cattails

Common Grackle  10    Adults and juveniles on the grassy fields and glying

Northern Cardinal  3

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