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Recording Bird Sounds In The Digital Age workshop

Recording Bird Sounds In The Digital Age by Dr. Timothy Spahr In this workshop, we will discuss recording and analyzing bird vocalizations. Rather than concentrate on sophisticated recording gear, we will discuss simple recordings made [...]

Announcement of 2018 BBC Scholarship Recipients!

  The BBC is pleased and proud to announce that our two annual Young Birder Scholarships have been awarded to Sam Mroz of Georgetown and Isabel Rasmussen of Peabody. These scholarships, instituted to nurture interest [...]

Wondering How to Support New Birders? – BBC Book Fund

Brookline Bird Club Book Fund Wondering how to help support new birders? The BBC Book Fund was established to donate books and other educational materials to promote bird and nature education for K-12 students throughout [...]

Time to renew your BBC membership!

If you haven't done so yet, now is the time renew your BBC membership. If you are presently a member and want to renew your membership, login first, and then you can either renew online using [...]