Wompatuck SP, Plymouth, Massachusetts, US
May 22, 2016 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Protocol: Traveling
4.0 mile(s)
Comments:     BBC – Wompatuck State Park – Leader: Eddie Giles – Morning started out with overcast skies and the threat of rain that never materialized.  The sun actually broke through the clouds mid-morning.  Temps were in the high 50s/low 60s.  Although migrants were nearly nonexistent in the park this morning, the local breeders put on quite the showing.
38 species

Ruffed Grouse  1     G9, drumming
Great Egret  1     Flyover at Boundary Pond
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)  1
Yellow-billed Cuckoo  6     Probably more as they seemed to be calling at every location we stopped at.  We actually observed a pair copulating a few times at G8.  Interesting to note that the female was carrying a caterpillar in her beak before, during and after the act.
Red-bellied Woodpecker  4
Downy Woodpecker  X
Pileated Woodpecker  1     G9.  This bird flew in, landed on the backside of an enormous stag and began drumming.  The acoustics/resonance from this particular mass of dead wood was spectacular.
Eastern Wood-Pewee  1     Picture Pond
Eastern Phoebe  4     Including (1) at nest with (2) newly hatched chicks.
Great Crested Flycatcher  6
Eastern Kingbird  1     Boundary Pond
Red-eyed Vireo  6
Black-capped Chickadee  4
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  2
Veery  8
Wood Thrush  10
American Robin  10
Gray Catbird  4
Ovenbird  20     Conservative estimate, including a female sitting in her nest on at least one cowbird egg (obeserved when she flew out).
Worm-eating Warbler  6     (4) G9, (1) G8, (1) Holly Pond Road
Northern Waterthrush  2
Blue-winged Warbler  2
Black-and-white Warbler  7
Common Yellowthroat  4
American Redstart  6
Bay-breasted Warbler  1     G8.  Silent bird
Yellow Warbler  3
Pine Warbler  5
Yellow-rumped Warbler  1
Chipping Sparrow  6
Song Sparrow  3
Eastern Towhee  10
Scarlet Tanager  6
Northern Cardinal  5
Red-winged Blackbird  3     Holly Pond.
Common Grackle  1     Boundary Pond.
Brown-headed Cowbird  X     Far too many.
Baltimore Oriole  7

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