Midweek Hunt for Alcids and Seabirds



Although the winds were not particularly in our favor for this trip, I had an enjoyable time with the group. I had hoped to get a Mass lifer of some sort on this trip, and did so with black guillemot, which we got about midway through the trip. I had trouble getting my own scope on the first individual, but later ones at another spot I got fine. We started at Halibut and froze ourselves checking out the ocean, with gannet and a kittiwake being the highlights, at least for me. We then hit he usual spots in the Gloucester area; Andrews Point, Cathedral Rocks, Granite Pier (big flock of purpose sandpipers there) Bass, Eastern Point, etc.

One of the things I enjoyed was going to new spots; Jodrey Fish Pier for instance. I had never been there, and it was not productive today, but Barbara had great advice for where to look (under the pilings) when the weather started to really cool off. Intel like that is invaluable for future trips, as was the recommendation to try the Causeway restaurant after a long day of birding.

So I got my wish for a Mass lifer, and spent the day with an enjoyable group of birders. Til next time!