About 18 members of The Brookline Bird Club birded on the Seven Seas Whale Watch  out of Gloucester today, Sunday 6/26/16.  Not only did we see whales up close and personal, but over a thousand seabirds.  Captain Jay Frontierro called out birds for us which is very special  for someone on a whale watching boat to do.  My count is low because I was on one side of the boat but the birds were flying about and rafting on both sides.

My list below:

Common Eider             12

Cory’s Shearwater     270

Sooty Shearwater      265

Manx Shearwater          5

Wilson’s Storm Petrel 19

D.C. Cormorants           22

Herring Gulls                  lots

Great Black Back Gulls-lots more


Minke Whales  13

Hump back Whales 2  (mother with young)  alongside boat for long periods of time…


Lots of birds out there folks –  get out there if you can to see them.