By Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician

During 2010, the Brookline Bird Club listed 298 species of birds on 181 reported trips, seven less than last year. A total of 222trips were scheduled, 11trips less than last year and 68 trips less than the all time high number of 290 in 2000. There were 50 all day, 143 mornings, 23 afternoons or evening, 4 pelagic and three weekend trips. There was one impromptu trip that was highly successful; on November 26 Bill Drummond organized a “wild goose chase”. The Sudbury River Valley was one very hot birding location with birders from across the country flocking to our state in search of both Pink-footed and Barnacle Geese.  Bill led 13 members and found the Club’s first Barnacle Goose and the first Pink-footed Goose for the Club in Massachusetts (Bill led an impromptu trip to Newport Rhode Island for the Pink-footed Goose in 2007). That same trip recorded the only Snow Goose seen on Club trips in 2010. Forty-one trips were not reported, 17 were cancelled by weather and 24 went unreported. In Massachusetts the Club listed a total of 288 species, five less than last year on 175 reported trips. To put this in perspective, birders throughout the state recorded a total of 367 species during the year, thus the BBC total of 288 is 78% of all the species seen in 2010!

One new species was added to the overall Brookline Bird Club list of birds, a BLACK RAIL that was discovered on May 31and was heard at the North Pool until at least June 21and was added to the BBC Club list on Laura de la Flor’s Summer Solstice Saunter June 19. The Pink-footed Goose and Barnacle Goose mentioned above were the first reported on a BBC Massachusetts list.

Missing from the Club list in 2010