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Fresh Pond, Cambridge

Fresh Pond - TD Bank 235 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA

An easy 2-mile walk through pondside meadows and forest paths at Fresh Pond. The over-wintering waterbirds have started to arrive, and we may see Ring-necked Ducks, Ruddy Ducks and both Hooded and Common Mergansers. Meadow and forest species may include year-round residents as well as seasonal visitors from the north (e.g. White-throated Sparrows, Juncos).

Charles River, Watertown

An easy ~2-mile walk along the Charles River Greenway in Watertown, with a chance to see over-wintering waterfowl on the river as well as winter-time resident birds. We are likely to see Common and Hooded mergansers as well as Buffleheads- plus the usual local woodpeckers and other hardy species.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Mount Auburn Cemetery 536 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA

Mount Auburn Cemetery is lovely in all seasons.  In late March, we may see the very earliest migrants from the south (Red-winged Blackbird, others) as well as the remaining seasonal visitors from the north (e.g. White-throated Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco).  And our usual year-round resident species will have just started to sing!

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