Birding Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the 44th state in the nation for land area, encompassing only 10,554 square miles. But birders lucky enough to live here know that within its relatively small land area, Massachusetts boasts a remarkable variety of habitats and coastal areas that provide some of the best birding in the United States.

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Birding Resources


Massachusetts Avian Records Committee – Official State List

Sightings and information:

MassBird – Massachusetts birding listserve

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Massachusetts Voice of Audubon:

Call 781-259-8805 for a report on Eastern MA, Western MA, Nantucket, and Cape Cod bird sightings. Use the same number to report sightings for all but Eastern MA.

To report Eastern MA sightings, phone Wayne Petersen at 781-259-2178.

BBC Rare Bird Email Hotline:

Contact Barbara Volkle for details.

Family Radio Service (FRS) radios:

The BBC has adopted The American Birding Association (ABA) standard channel 11/22. See the ABA website for more information.



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