BBC Member Featured Photographer/Artist:
Judith Robichaud

Judith Robichaud of Roslindale, MA is an artist and a years-long member of the Brookline Bird Club.  Judith has always loved to paint from a young age, but life and work got in the way, and it wasn’t until she found herself with a big box of unused paints in the mid-2000s that she decided to pick up the paintbrush again. At first, she focused on still life painting but soon got bored and decided to try painting her cats before moving onto birds. Judith’s mother always had bird feeders and would often help her identify the various birds that would come to the feeder. As a kid she used to page through a well-worn copy of Peterson’s guide to birds that sat on the coffee table.


As an adult she found herself drawn to birds again after she quit working full-time to freelance which gave her more time to focus on birding and painting. Judith’s process is to stake out the feeders in her yard to capture candid shots of common “house” birds and occasional squirrels and then use those photos as reference for her paintings. Although there is nothing exotic about a rock dove or house sparrows, Judith tries to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary with paint. To her, all birds are magical, especially the ones we fail to celebrate.

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