If you missed The Basics of Drawing Birds with Avery Whitlock, you might have failed to realize a hidden talent. Of course, if you’re a current member (or renew today) you can go to the Members Only section and view her entire webinar.

For now, we present some wonderful work by a few of her webinar attendees:

A great workshop!

Leslie Kramer

Really enjoyed the workshop and will get some finer pencils as the one I used created a bit of smudge. I learned how an understanding of the form and structure of the bird is helpful for creating a good drawing.

Laura Markley

Avery’s a great instructor! My last sketch, the long-tailed duck, is my favorite. You can tell that I was more relaxed by the looser, more dynamic lines.

Jane Lothian

This was so much fun! I hope we can do it again.

Sally Nickerson