The BBC Board has adopted the following policy regarding advocacy on behalf of bird conservation.

  1. The BBC is committed to conservation of birds and their habitats, and we encourage our members to engage in active, ongoing advocacy on behalf of bird conservation. The club’s conservation mission includes advocacy in response to proposed legislation; changes in governmental regulations, enforcement, funding, and staffing; proposed public or private projects; and other issues, whether local, state, or national, that may significantly impact birds and their habitats. The Conservation and Education Committee is charged with the primary responsibility for taking action to carry out the club’s conservation mission.
  2. At least one member of the Conservation and Education Committee will serve as a Conservation Liaison Officer, who will be responsible for (a) keeping the committee and BBC Board apprised of issues that may require advocacy on behalf of bird conservation, and (b) implementing decisions made by the committee and Board to take public positions on particular conservation issues.
  3. BBC Board members, other individuals, and other organizations, like the Association of Massachusetts Bird Clubs, may request that the BBC take a public position—e.g. sign a petition, write letters to legislators—on a specific conservation issue. All such requests should be directed to the Conservation and Education Committee, which will be authorized to evaluate the request and, by a majority vote, to decide whether or not the BBC will take a public position on the issue. Any decision to take a public position on an issue must be approved by the BBC president. In evaluating requests, the committee will determine and consider the relevant facts; the potential impact of the issue on birds and their habitats, especially within the BBC service area; and the main arguments for and against the position that the BBC has been asked to adopt.
  4. The Conservation and Education Committee will regularly report to the BBC Board on all conservation issues brought before the committee and all actions taken, or not taken, to advocate for bird conservation. Through the website, bulletins, and at meetings, the committee will also keep our members informed about our advocacy efforts and, when appropriate, will encourage members to support these efforts, as well as ongoing conservation advocacy, through individual action.