The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary established the memorial bird garden area for long-time BBC member, former president and nonstop trip leader Ida Giriunas this past spring and continued to add to it this summer and fall.  They fenced it in to keep deer from eating everything, and plan to add more feeders in the colder temperatures, along with some benches.  They are expanding the bird garden area between the classroom and their office which attaches to the back of the Carol Decker classroom.  An additional area was recently cleared and mulched on the side of the house by Bradstreet Trail, and will be planted in the spring with all native plants.  This area will also have a water feature and some bird feeders.  The garden will fill in over time with paths going through it. Once the project is completed, IRWS will  add a plaque honoring Ida.  It looks amazing, even if a bit dry now from the summer heat and no rain.  We think Ida would love it! IRWS states that the birds and butterflies already do.  Please stop by to see the progress. A formal dedication will take place sometime in the future when public health concerns permit.