The Brookline Bird Club is looking for a new Membership Secretary for April 2020 to replace our current secretary, Judy Hepburn, who is standing down at the end of her term. Judy has done a sterling job with the position, and will remain to help train the new secretary.

The Membership Secretary is a voluntary position and sits on the club’s board. Candidates for the role should be comfortable using online software to track membership and payments as well as using Excel or similar to manipulate data. You will receive training in how to use our admin system. The roles and responsibilities of the position include:

  1. Maintaining an up-to-date database of current members.
  2. Processing requests and collecting funds from new and renewing members
  3. Responding to requests for information about the club and its activities.
  4. Coordinating email campaigns to club members.
  5. Attending board meetings and presenting updates on membership stats and activities.
  6. Attending club meetings to meet and interact with members.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the position.

Good birding,

Neil Hayward