The BBC, through its Conservation and Education Committee, is proud to announce a donation of binoculars and bird guides to the Massachusetts Young Birders Club. The mission of the MYBC is to expand and empower a diverse, sustainable community of young birders in Massachusetts and to guide youth in building their understanding and love of birds and nature. The MYBC especially strives to provide resources, such as bird guides and loaner binoculars, to young birders who do not have the means to purchase their own birding equipment. The BBC supports this effort, and we look forward to future collaborations between our club and the MYBC. In the past year the BBC Book Fund has also made donations to the Philbrook School in Roslindale and to Kestrel Educational Adventures for a school program in Salem. The BBC founders believed they had a “sacred obligation” to nurture young birders, and the BBC Board remains committed to carry out this mission.

The BBC School Fund is supported through the generous donations of club members. To donate, you can designate an amount on the “Book Fund” line on the back page of the club bulletin when you renew your membership or, especially for life members, at any other time you might wish to donate. You can donate online by clicking the Donate link on the BBC home page and entering an amount in the box for “School Book Fund.”