Avian Flu: BBC webinar recording & resources

On March 19th 2024, the Brookline Bird Club hosted a webinar on avian flu by presenter Dr. Wendy Puryear from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. Dr. Puryear studies how viruses are maintained, spread, and evolve in wild animals, and her current research focus is on Influenza, including the recent High Path Avian Influenza (HPAI).

A recording of this educational webinar can be found below, along with key resources, for those who were unable to join this event live. Explore to learn more about Avian Flu, why it is devastating birds, and what birders can do to help.

Webinar recording:

HPAI Avian Flu, from the Global Scene to Local View

HPAI Avian Flu, from the Global Scene to Local View

What birders can do to help – reporting resources:
Reporting a dead bird to the state of MA (if you find sick or dead seabirds, or 5+ wild birds of other species at a single location)
Reporting a dead bird to the Community Science & Marine Health working group of the Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative (if you find dead marine and coastal birds)
– Contact the lab at wendy.puryear@tufts.edu

Note: Avoid handling any dead birds or birds showing signs of illness. If an individual must handle birds, please wear nitrile or latex gloves, eye protection, and an N95 face mask.