The BBC is pleased and proud to announce that our two annual Young Birder
Scholarships have been awarded to Sam Poleretzky of North Andover, MA and Brynlee Kimball
of Auburn, NH. These scholarships, instituted to nurture interest in bird study and conservation
among young birders, will cover the full cost ($1395) of the Coastal Maine Bird Studies for
Teens program at National Audubon’s Hog Island camp during the week of June 16-21, 2019.
The Scholarship Evaluation Committee was impressed by the high quality of all six applications
we received, and we thank all the applicants for their interest and effort. Among their many
accomplishments, Sam has founded a birding club at his high school, while Brynlee has raised
homing pigeons since she was eleven. Congratulations to Sam and Brynlee!

These scholarships are supported through the generous donations of club members. To
donate, you can designate an amount on the “BBC Young Birder Scholarship” line on the back
page of the club bulletin when you renew your membership or, especially for life members, at
any other time you might wish to donate. You can also donate online by clicking the Donate link
on the BBC home page and entering an amount in the box for “Young Birder Scholarship.”

Brynlee Kimball

Brynlee Kimball of Auburn, NH

Sam Poleretzky of North Andover, MA