by Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician


During 1997, the Brookline Bird Club listed 313 species of birds on 206 reported trips. A total of 242 trips were scheduled, 68 all-day, 148 morning, 24 afternoon or evening, and two weekends. Forty trips were not reported; in addition four unscheduled trips were arranged (two additions to Mt. Auburn, a special trip to see the Mississippi Kite in Orleans, and a trip to coastal Maine to find both sharp-tailed sparrows) In Massachusetts the Club reported a total of 303 species on 196 trips. On six trips to New Hampshire, highlights included a Bicknell’s Thrush and Gray Jay in the White Mountains. On a trip to the Dead Creek area and Island Pond in Vermont seven members enjoyed a great performance of a obliging Northern Hawk-Owl and the Club added Gray Partridge to the list; the report also included Boreal Chickadee and Evening Grosbeak.


The following write-ins to the Massachusetts Audubon Society (MAS) Checklist were reported by the Club in 1997:

Eared Grebe                            Gloucester                              January 1

Boreal Owl                              Boston                                     January 11

Townsend’s Solitaire               Barnstable                               January 12

Black Vulture                           Westport                                 January 26

Harris’ Sparrow                       Salisbury                                  February 8

Arctic-Pacific Loon                  Rockport                                 Februar