by Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician


During 1995, the Brookline Bird Club listed 298 species of birds on 202 reported trips. A total of 227 trips were scheduled, 70 all-day, 122 morning, 32 afternoon or evening, and three weekends. Twenty-five trips were not reported. In Massachusetts the Club reported a total of 291 species on 216 trips. The Whooper Swans of Ipswich were seen on eight trips and still nobody knows their origin.


On seven trips to New Hampshire, a total of 136 species was tallied. Highlights included good shorebirds on August 27 when a Golden Plover, an Upland Sandpiper, a Marbled Godwit and six (!) Buff-breasted Sandpipers were seen. Four Manx Shearwaters, two Parasitic Jaegers and a Little Gull highlighted the October 21 trip.


Ida Giriunas on her annual trip to Machias Seal Island and surroundings led 15 members through many different habitats and recorded 110 species including five species not recorded on any Massachusetts trip including Manx Shearwater, Leach’s Storm-Petrel, Common Murre, 900 Atlantic Puffins and Boreal Chickadees.


John Kennedy led 10 members on a Northeast Kingdom trip to Island Pond in Vermont on the cool foggy weekend of May 12-14 and found just 68 species. The trip was probably a week too early, but seeing four moose was a big hit.


A special trip extension to Middletown, Rhode Island, on September 10 found the Black-tailed Gull, unquestionably Rhode island’s rarest bird. There are only two previous North American records – one from Attu in the Aleutian Islands and from New Jersey in April 1995.


The following write-ins to the Massachusetts Audubon Society (MAS) Checklist were reported by the Club in 1995:

Eared Grebe                            Orleans