About the Brookline Bird Club

The Brookline Bird Club, commonly known as the BBC, is the largest and one of the oldest of the many bird clubs in Massachusetts. Membership is opened to all who are interested in birds and nature. (A membership form can be found here or on the last page of the BBC bulletin or “bluebook”.) The Club sponsors an active program of year-round field trips, covering the entire state of Massachusetts from the Berkshires to Stellwagen Bank. During the peak of spring migration, walks are scheduled for every day of the week. Three evening meetings are held each year, one in the fall and winter with the annual meeting being held each year in the spring. Guests are always welcome on Club walks and at Club meetings.

A special tradition of Club trips has been to encourage new birders, both young and old, to learn about birds and the pleasures of birding through active participation in seeking and identifying birds in various habitats, during all seasons of the year. A number of world-class trip leaders and ornithologists started birding with the Club in their childhood years.


The Brookline Bird Club was founded in 1913, incorporated on January 1, 1993, and currently has over 1,100 members; it is governed by the BBC By-laws. The origin of the Club, as the name suggests, traces to Brookline, Massachusetts. In the spring of 1913, a notice in the Brookline Chronicle and the Boston Transcript invited all those who might be interested in the study of wild birds to attend a meeting at the Brookline Public Library. The result was the founding of the Brookline Bird Club. The first annual meeting was held in Brookline, the first President was a resident of Brookline, and most of the Club’s early members were from Brookline. Today, of course, Club membership reaches far beyond Brookline to all of Massachusetts and to many other states as well.