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Hyannis to Hydrographer, Veach, and Atlantis Canyon area for WHITE-FACED
STORM PETRELS, other petrels, several species of shearwaters, jaegers, possible skua,
terns and other seabirds and mammals.

We have master birders Jeremiah Trimble, Nicholas Bonomo and two others leading
these trips. Our boat, from Hyannis is the Helen H. It is a very comfortable, fast, 100-foot
fishing boat with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic captain and crew. We use gallons of
chum to attract the birds. There are 36 bunks aboard which will be available for the first
36 who sign up. There is a full galley with excellent food at reasonable prices. Parking is

To reserve a space, request a waiver form and obtain further information please email Pelagics@brooklinebirdclub.org.

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