Fruitlands Museum, Harvard.

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Look for resident species includnig Indigo Bunting, Savannah Sparrow, Hermit Thrush, Scarlet Tanager, Veery, Blue-headed Vireo, Wild Turkey, American Kestrel, and a variety of warblers. Expet to walk about two miles on trails through meadows and woods, with some steep sections. Prepare for ticks. We will bird at the meeting location for about 30 minutes so any latecomers can catch up.

Date & Time
Saturday, 06/23/2018
7:00 am - 10:00 am

Meeting Place
The top parking lot at Fruitlands Museum, 102 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard. For directions visit http://fruitlsands.thetrusteesorg/visit.directions. 7:00 AM


Cassandra Oxley

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