Conservation Resources

The many pleasures of birding all require birds. Many species are declining, threatened,or endangered. The Brookline Bird Club encourages a commitment to bird conservation and participation in activities and organizations that promote conservation through collection of data, monitoring of populations, preservation of habitat, protection of at-risk species, political action, and education.

CITIZEN SCIENCE: Bird Censuses, Monitoring, Banding, Research

Massachusetts Audubon Society

  • Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas 2: five-year census of breeding birds in state
  • Birds to Watch: Oriole Project & Whip-poor-will Project
  • Focus on Feeders
  • Joppa Flats Bird Banding Station

National Audubon Society

  • annual Christmas Bird Counts

North American Breeding Bird Survey (co-sponsored by Patuxent Wildlife Research Center & Canadian Wildlife Services)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Bird-banding programs:

Eastern Massachusetts Hawk WatchNortheast Hawk Watch

Lynnfield Marsh IBA Survey Team: Rusty Blackbird Census

Massachusetts Bluebird Association: nestbox building, monitoring

New England Hummers: Ruby-throated sightings ; monitoring

TASL Boston Harbor Waterbird Census: waterbird monitoring

Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts relies on reporting from its citizens to help protect our land and preserve wildlife for generations of birdwatchers to come.

various local breeding bird surveys ; censuses: e.g. Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary


American Bird Conservancy

  • bird conservation issues (e.g. global warming)
  • American birds campaigns (e.g. Safeguarding the Rarest)
  • domestic habitat programs (e.g. Landscape Level Conservation)
  • domestic advocacy programs (e.g. Pesticides and Birds)
  • international programs (e.g. Alliance for Zero Extinction)
  • science & monitoring programs (e.g. Andes Bird Monitoring)

American Birding Association

  • Birders’ Exchange (donate your used equipment!)
  • Institute for Field Ornithology
  • Young Birders programs

Bird Observer: bimonthly New England birding journal

  • sponsors Massbird listserv and links to conservation organizations

Massachusetts Audubon Society

  • Grassland Bird Program
  • Coastal Waterbird Program (with field and intern programs)
  • Advocacy: state legislation, land protection projects, & Action Network

National Audubon Society

  • Watch List: monitors threatened bird species
  • Important Bird Areas Program: global effort to identify & conserve vital areas for birds
  • Waterbird & Coastal Bird Conservation programs; Neighborhood Conservation
  • Issues & Actions: public policy advocacy re. habitats &endangered species

Partners in Flight: bird conservation partnerships & education

North American Bird Conservation Initiative: coordinates partnerships

Ornithological Council Legislative Alert System

Boreal Songbird Initiative: advocacy & education for boreal birds

U. S. Shorebird Conservation Plan and Council

Ducks Unlimited: wetlands management & conservation

BirdLife International: global conservation partnerships, advocacy

Global Owl Project: research, education, conservation

Proact Campaigns: coordinates conservation efforts in Europe


World Wildlife Fund: global preservation of habitats & species

National Wildlife Federation: wildlife protection, education, legislation

The Nature Conservancy: land protection, education, legislation (for Massachusetts branch, e-mail

The Wilderness Society: preservation, legislation, WildAlert

Defenders of Wildlife: conservation, education, endangered species

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Duck Stamp, wetlands conservation

Point Reyes Bird Observatory: conservation of birds & ecosystems, outreach

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences: research, conservation

Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition: regional land trust & conservation (SEE links to local organizations: e.g. Trustees of Reservations, Essex County Greenbelt)

Trust for Public Land: conservation of land & open space

Green Neighborhoods Alliance: open space residential design

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative: windpower & wildlife

Mass Wildlife: state agency–land protection, wildlife restoration(includes National Heritage and Endangered Species programs)

Massachusetts Wetlands Restoration Program

“friends” support groups: e.g. Friends of Parker River NWR, Friends of Mt. Auburn Cemetery

ad hoc political action campaigns: e.g. Secure Fence Act in Rio Grande Valley