BBC Boston Public Gardens walk in the Boston Globe!

There is a nice photo from Linda Ferraresso's Saturday, May 12th walk at the Boston Public Gardens.  It was on p.2 of the Metro section on the Boston Globe.

Gardening for Wildlife Workshop – June 15 &17

Did you know that the most important source of food for young birds is bugs, not berries? As important as those highbush cranberries are to the local wren, the caterpillars it finds on the plant's leaves are even more important. From bugs to seeds to protective cover building good bird habitat is about a lot [...]

Time to renew your BBC membership for 2017!

It's time to renew your BBC membership for 2017! The Brookline Bird Club membership runs on a calendar year basis.  By sending in your renewal now, you help us save printing and mailing costs for renewal cards.  You save trees, too! Please send in your renewals by using the form in the back of the [...]

Great article about birding in Mt. Auburn cemetery!

Brookline Bird Club has shout out in Wicked Local Cambridge edition! Here is the link to a wonderful article found in the Wicked Local Cambridge edition at birding at Mt. Auburn. It mentions the Brookline Bird Club and two of our wonderful leaders! wonderful article Scarlet Tanager by Jeffrey Offermann.


By Robert H. Stymeist, Statistician During 2015, the Brookline Bird Club listed 295 species of birds on 182 reported trips, six species less than last year.  A total of 257 trips were scheduled, just two less than last year; however, this year 27 trips were cancelled by weather, most of them during late January, most [...]

Rusty Blackbird Blitz – Surveying Rusty Blackbirds in the Lynnfield Marsh IBA

Arthur C. Bent (in Life Histories of North American Blackbirds, Orioles, Tanagers and Allies, (New York: Dover, 1965), 294) described flocks of Rusty Blackbirds stretching as far as the eye could see that once migrated through Lynnfield, MA.   When the flight is well underway it is sometimes quite spectacular. Wendell Taber tells me that, [...]

Scholarship Report

The BBC’s first scholarship winner, Aidan Pavao, recently returned from the Hog Island summer camp and sent along a brief report. Check out the scholarship page for more information about the program and how to contribute and expect to hear more from Aidan in the future. My experience at Hog Island was undoubtedly a highlight of [...]

Tips for inspiring Young Birders

The Brookline Bird Club has a long history of its experienced birder members encouraging and supporting rising young birders, and, for decades, has been scheduling trips targeted to children and families. But how do you give youngsters that experience that makes them birders for life? And once they’ve got the spark, how do you keep [...]